$1 billion opening day on NASDEQ

eXp Realty’s culture of collaboration and shared ownership has allowed the company to scale at a breakneck pace that has been previously unseen by clunky, brick-and-mortar-competitors, and on May 21, the first agent-owned, cloud-based brokerage hit yet another milestone in its relatively short but storied history.

eXp World Holdings, the holding company for eXp Realty, began trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol EXPI, and its entry was a billion-dollar day. By crossing $1 billion in market cap on the day it started trading, the disruptors of the traditional real estate brokerage model surpassed the value of national brokerage Re/Max, which has a market cap of $944 million.

For eXp Holdings CEO Glenn Sanford, though, it can almost be chalked up as just another day.

Today is a special day in our history, but also just like any other day in building a great company. Our team is super focused on helping our agents, and our agents are staying super focused on working with their clients. I am really excited about where things have the potential to go as we mature as an organization and continue to scale.

As the co-founder of eXp Realty, Brian Culhane shares the sentiment of his long friend and partner and looks forward to continuing the forward progress by ushering new brokers, agents, and teams into the future of real estate.

As the co-founder of eXp Realty, Brian has put “exponential” in eXp Realty, having been instrumental in attracting over 10,000 forward-thinking agents. He is always keen to introduce new brokers, teams, and agents to the unmatched compensation, innovative technology and revenue sharing opportunities that can only be realized in the cloud brokerage model.

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