Equity Opportunity

Honesty and integrity are the building blocks of a successful relationship with a REALTOR® and for three decades, the secret sauce of Ralph Chiodo’s business.

Like most of the agents who have joined our burgeoning family, Ralph took a circuitous route to eXp Realty, having bounced around other brokerages, including Keller Williams, before sowing his entrepreneurial oats by starting his own brokerage with a growing team of high-octane agents. By all accounts, he had a successful real estate business, but one ingredient was missing: agent ownership.

Agent ownership is important. As a broker, as an owner, it was important to be part of something…. to be part of something, we have to have a stake in it. ~ Ralph Chiodo

Real estate is in Ralph’s bloodline – he was first introduced to eXp Realty by his twin brother, who is also a real estate agent over a thousand miles away. One of the first things that rolled off of Ralph’s tongue was that “it wouldn’t work here,” but agreed to investigate the business model further, and the rest is history. His advice to agents considering making the leap? “Why aren’t you here now?” Take a look at his moving testimony.

Does your business belong to you, or are you just making your brokerage rich?

eXp Realty has redefined the typical brokerage model by creating a company that is truly agent-owned. Every agent enjoys the opportunity to have skin in the game by becoming a shareholder and earn equity awards by achieving various milestones such as closing their first transaction and earning back their annual commission cap in stock.

Agent ownership is just one perk for joining the first agent-owned, cloud-based brokerage, and co-founder Brian Culhane would welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the full suite of benefits in store for forward-thinking agents that want to have a vested interest in the success of their company.

As the co-founder of eXp Realty, Brian has put “exponential” in eXp Realty, having been instrumental in attracting over 10,000 forward-thinking agents. He is always keen to introduce new brokers, teams, and agents to the unmatched compensation, innovative technology and revenue sharing opportunities that can only be realized in the cloud brokerage model.

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