Cloud Real Estate

Agents jump from the physical to the virtual

As a trailblazer in the real estate industry, eXp Realty has created a lot of buzz in news outlets. We were intrigued to come across this recent inman article that colorfully depicted the virtual, cloud-based brokerage that doesn’t have an office with a couple conference tables and free coffee, but instead, is a borderless cloud office where agents, brokers and staff can learn, network and transact business daily in a collaborative, cost-effective and productive way.

Earlier, we shared the testimony of Gene Frederick, a broker who has carved out an illustrious real estate career that culminated in owning several Keller Williams brokerages in prime areas and securing an entire region before selling his lucrative business and making the leap to eXp Realty. Earlier in his career, Gene was tasked with managing Keller Williams offices, but upon his arrival to the physical locations, no one was there – “literally, it was like a ghost town,” he said, and in those empty office moments, knew that brick and mortar was gone.

Real estate agents are inherently mobile and do not need to be tethered to a traditional brick-and-mortar location and the overhead that comes with it. Over 11,000 eXp Realty agents have shed this model and work in a 3-D, fully immersive environment we call “eXp World.”

Toronto-based broker of record and regional vice president of eXp Realty’s Canada Brokerage Operations John Lusink makes the distinction.

In the traditional model of brokerages, there are 200 to 300 agents at least under each of the big brand names. The quality tends to suffer and Realtors get lost… They’re charged heavy franchise fees. But this is not the case at eXp Realty. There is a real sense of community when you attend agent-facilitated meetings in their virtual auditorium space.

This virtual world can be likened to a video game environment where agents can customize avatars from their shoes to the color of the hair, but it’s a serious ecosystem that includes brokers, corporate staff, high-powered agents who lead coaching and training sessions, interactions with top-selling teams across state and provincial lines, and all of the required documentation needed to maintain compliance and regulation.

It’s very cool, but you can see it yourself – contact Brian Culhane for a real-life demo, and to explore other benefits of jumping from the physical to the virtual.

As the co-founder of eXp Realty, Brian has put “exponential” in eXp Realty, having been instrumental in attracting over 10,000 forward-thinking agents. He is always keen to introduce new brokers, teams, and agents to the unmatched compensation, innovative technology and revenue sharing opportunities that can only be realized in the cloud brokerage model.