Disruptive force for real estate agents

Ironically, the only constant in business and in life is change, and real estate has proven fertile ground for disruption. Redfin and Zillow grew from start-ups to Goliaths, showing beyond doubt the real estate industry is evolving alongside technology.

Another disruptor is eXp Realty, the first agent-owned cloud brokerage® that has changed the real estate industry as we know it.

If you knew that Netflix existed, would you buy a Blockbuster?

That was the pointed question Gene Frederick posed to his wife in March 2015 before he made the leap to eXp Realty. The renowned recruiter and owner of multiple lucrative Keller Williams franchises was in retirement and enjoying a sizable,  passive income from brokerages in Northern California and elsewhere, but after meeting with visionary eXp Realty founder Glenn Sanford to check out a new model that was creating buzz, Gene and his better half decided to sell their brick-and-mortar real estate business and join the proverbial Netflix.

When Gene Frederick realized that eXp Realty was a game-changer, the still-nascent company had attracted 350 agents. Fast forwarding to today, it’s over 10,000 strong. After an illustrious real estate career, Gene has become an ambassador for the cloud-based brokerage – watch his video presentation on why he embraced change and how other forward-thinking agents can own their career and their brand.

The analogy of the of the Blockbuster and Netflix rivalry is fitting. Before the brick-and-mortar leader in video rentals went the way of the dinosaurs, Reed Hastings, the founder of the then-fledging Netflix, flew to Dallas to forge a partnership with CEO John Antioco and his team.

Hastings got laughed out of the room when he proposed running Blockbuster’s brand online for $50 million but got the last laugh when his disruptive company may soon surpass which can soon surpass Disney in market value, according to Barron’s.

Many Blockbuster stakeholders must cringe when they hear the terms “online streaming” and “on-demand,” but real estate agents have the opportunity to embrace the future of real estate to enjoy the commission splits, lead generation tools, revenue sharing program and the opportunity to establish a direct ownership interest in eXp Realty International Corporation as a shareholder and partner.

To explore how you can achieve bold career and life goals, contact eXp Realty co-founder, Brian Culhane. As one of the architects of the company’s growth, he is always keen to answer questions and welcome other enterprising agents into the family.

As the co-founder of eXp Realty, Brian has put “exponential” in eXp Realty, having been instrumental in attracting over 10,000 forward-thinking agents. He is always keen to introduce new brokers, teams, and agents to the unmatched compensation, innovative technology and revenue sharing opportunities that can only be realized in the cloud brokerage model.

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